All Fedima members commit to ensuring a sustainable and innovative bakery industry by putting forward a set of standards for providing responsibly sourced ingredients to the sector.

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Brussels, 25 June 2024Fedima, the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionary and Patisserie Industries, published its Code of Conduct for Responsible Sourcing in the bakery ingredients industry, renewing its commitment to creating a favourable policy environment, while ensuring a sustainable and innovative baked goods sector.


Fedima’s industry-wide Code of Conduct for Responsible Sourcing is aimed at Fedima members and all suppliers of the bakery and patisserie industry in Europe, providing them with common responsible sourcing standards and guiding them in their implementation.


Jean-Philippe Michaux, Chair of Fedima’s Sustainability Committee, shared: "The European bakery ingredients industry, represented by Fedima, operates at a pivotal point along the supply chain — between ‘farm’ and ‘fork’, between bakery production and consumption. As responsible sourcing becomes an increasingly critical challenge for all stakeholders in the bakery value chain, Fedima’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Sourcing can serve as a guiding light for the entire European bakery sector. Whether it’s small bakeries seeking guidance or large players striving to align with best practices, this Code points toward a more sustainable future".


The Code’s standards include compliance with existing laws and regulations, as well as the quality and safety of products and raw materials, ethical business practices, and respect for human rights. A healthy and safe work environment, the minimisation of environmental impact, attention to animal welfare, supply chain transparency, and continuous improvement are also identified as key principles to abide by.


Thomas Lesaffre, President of Fedima, reflects on the meaning of this achievement: “With this Code of Conduct, Fedima is showing its proactiveness and commitment to making our industry progressively more sustainable and ethical. Promoting responsible sourcing can often be a challenge, especially for small and medium companies in the bakery supply chain. Now, even the companies that have not established their own supplier code of conduct yet can use Fedima’s Code and its shared standards as a responsible sourcing base to rely on”.


Representing 13 member associations across Europe, Fedima aims to support and grow the baked goods sector by sharing its positions and priorities at EU level, contributing to policy discussions of relevance for the sector.


On the engagement of Fedima members, Lesaffre added: “We are particularly proud to see that the Fedima Code of Conduct was advocated for and fully endorsed by all our members, representing over 200 companies across 13 European countries. This is proof that the entire bakery ingredients industry is ready to come together and play its part in advancing common responsible sourcing practices”.