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Transparency on products and processes towards customers and consumers is one of Fedima’s main objectives, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat. Product quality plays a vital role for today’s consumer. Our members aim to provide accurate technical information, instructions of use and product labelling to their customers. Our industry is putting emphasis on transparency regarding allergens, additives or enzymes, for instance.

Appropriate information on the presence of certain ingredients allows consumers to make an informed choice. For this reason we are collaborating within the supply chain to guarantee the highest level of transparency.

Bakery products are foods consumed on a daily basis by all Europeans and hence largely contribute to their food intake. Since ages, bread constitutes a cornerstone of the diet. Alternatively, pastry, chocolate and confectionery are associated with the pleasure of eating. 

Food safety and integrity are priorities for all consumers, governments and food manufacturers. They are the foundation of European legislation in the field of consumer protection. Consequently, they require all attention. The EU legislative framework provides an integrated approach to food safety throughout the food supply system. Fedima’s expertise on bakery ingredients and processes enables us to provide scientific information to support risk analysis and decisions taken by authoritative bodies. For example, Fedima contributes to the ongoing EFSA re-evaluation programme of additives.

All food business operators are responsible to manufacture food and foodstuffs which are safe and labelled appropriately. As a primary source of information, Fedima contributes to keep its members updated on the latest developments affecting the safety of food.

Within Fedima the focus lies on ingredients such as additives and enzymes, while also looking at mitigation of possible contaminants in food manufacturing and processing.

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In 2015, Fedima and other European trade associations active in the bakery supply created a roundtable to promote the consumption of bread in Europe called Bread Initiative. Members are CEBP (the EU craft bakers), AIBI (the international association of plant bakers), COFALEC (the European yeast producers) and EFM (European flour millers).

Fedima participates in the Bread Initiative platform with the aim to improve bread's image and to emphasize both its nutritional value and the European cultural heritage associated with this product. At the same time, we want to demonstrate to European consumers the economic importance of the industrial sectors linked to bread.

Our work is dedicated to the promotion of the variety and quality of bread and pastry products. For this reason, Fedima together with AIBI (industrial bakers) organised in 2018 a Symposium on Bread Promotion Activities in Europe. The event brought together over 50 partners in the bakery sector. It was a day dedicated to learning about the importance of bread, its promotion opportunities and sharing best practices. For information on the Symposium please click here.

Europe has strong rules to protect the safety at the work place; most countries have regulatory requirements in place to protect the health and safety of employees. In every working environment employers are responsible for the protection of the health of their employees.

Bakers and plant employees are, due to the nature of their work, repeatedly exposed to bakery ingredients, some of which can cause allergies when exposure is not well controlled. Although the workforce in the bakery industry is comprised of a large variety of players- from small craft bakers to larger industrial bakeries - Fedima wants to support the industry by providing guidance on occupational health and safety.

For this reason Fedima works on developing best practices in the industry. An example is the guidance document on the safe handling of enzymes, which provides steps that should be taken to mitigate the risks in all sectors of the baking industry; from milling and bakery ingredient production, to craft and industrial bakeries.  Furthermore, Fedima enables the performance of studies to improve technologies, such as dust measurement methods, and gathering of knowledge about potential hazards. This is often done in partnership with other organisations.

We continue to explore other possible areas where we could play an active role in guaranteeing the highest level of workers’ safety.

FEDIMA & AMFEP are hosting a series of webinars on the Safe Handling of Enzymes in the Bakery Sector: click here for more information