Fedima is the European trade association representing the bakery, patisserie and confectionery ingredients’ manufacturers. Our mission is to shape a favourable environment to ensure a sustainable and an innovative bakery industry.


Our vision is to be the European bakery ingredient platform to support and grow the bread and pastry market.


  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Proactivity
Market Knowledge
Gather and provide business information
Regulatory and Legislation
Become a key partner to regulatory bodies
Increase internal awareness, reputation, and relevancy with the members
Value Creation
Promote the fair value of our position in the value chain - connecting the industries

The companies represented by Fedima provide a wide range of products to bakers, pastry and chocolate designers as well as confectionery producers. Bakery and pastry products are linked to national and/or regional traditions. Companies in the bakery and pastry ingredients industry supply tailor-made solutions (intermediate bakery / pastry foodstuffs) which can be used ultimately by customers such as the artisan or industrial bakers, chocolatiers or patissiers.

The bakery and pastry industry is a complex chain. Here is an attempt to provide a comprehensive overview.


Our Annual Report provides an overview of FEDIMA’s structure, priorities and activities over the last year.

FEDIMA Annual Report 2018-2019

FEDIMA Annual Report 2017-2018

Fedima was established on 20 May 1969 in Milan, Italy. Fedima is the French acronym for Fédération des Industries de Matières Premières et Améliorants pour la Boulangerie et confiserie dans la CEE – Federation of Raw Materials and Improvers for Bakery and Confectionery Industries in the EEC.

The earliest part of Fedima’s existence was governed by the recipe-craze of the Seventies. European law would define Euro-bread, Euro-rolls, Euro-croissants up to the final, smallest ingredient and processing temperature. In those days of vertical "recipe" legislation, Fedima played an active role in the discussions concerning bakery products and bakery ingredients.

The historical changes of 1979 - the ruling of the European Court of Justice on the Cassis-de-Dijon, and, the Single European Act of 1986 - represented a shift away from vertical legislation towards a horizontal approach in European legislation. This meant the establishment of general rules for the entire industry, combined with the mutual recognition principle. Consequently, Fedima became influential in the area of food additives regulations in the eighties.

Negotiations between Fedima and other partners of the bakery chain in the nineties resulted in a European-wide agreement on international exhibitions for the bakery industry.

Fedima changed its name in 1994 into Federation of the intermediate products industries for the bakery and confectionery trades in the EEA, following the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht establishing the European Union.

In 2015, the Fedima General Assembly approved the new structure of the association after a two year strategic exercise called Horizon 2030.

The most recent change in the name was formulated in 2019 to Federation of European Manufacturers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisserie Industries.


The Secretariat of Fedima is based in Brussels and managed by the Secretary General.

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