FEDIMA, the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisseries Industries, and AMFEP, the Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of Enzyme products  are hosting a series of webinars to present the Guidelines on the Safe Handling of Enzymes in the Bakery Sector (link) jointly developed in 2018. Save the dates!

Webinar 1 - 15 October (14:00 CET)Introduction to safe handling of enzymes in the bakery supply chain, incl. regulatory aspects : WEBINAR Recording

Webinar 2 - 29 October (14:00 CET) Control of exposure during handling of enzymes in bakery sector:  Artisan bakeries, Bakery Schools & Demonstration Bakeries

Webinar 3 - 19 November (14:00 CET):  Control of exposure during handling of enzymes in bakery sector:   Flour millers, Industrial bakeries & ingredients manufacturers

Webinar 4 - 26 November (14:00 CET): Health surveillance and air monitoring


Webinar leaflet with full information can be downloaded here : Leaflet



To obtain insights, best practices & tools to;

  • control dust exposure in all sectors of baking industry: milling, bakery ingredient production, craft and industrial bakeries
  • safeguard health of workers in the baking industry
  • SHE managers, WHS managers and/or OHS managers
  • All plant operational staff incl. managers
  • R&D employees in the bakery sector
  • Programme managers and teachers in bakery education centers
  • Representatives of occupational health and safety organisations
  • Craft/artisan bakers
  • Bakers union representatives

The Guidelines and webinars address the mitigation of OCCUPATIONAL exposure to enzymes in the bakery sector.


Register via this link


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Free of charge




Experts from AMFEP & FEDIMA


Webinars 1,2,3 - 1h incl. Q&A

Webinar 4 - 1h15 incl. Q&A


Will be made available after the sessions


For more information and questions please contact FEDIMA :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


FEDIMA and AMFEP thank the following partners for their support in promoting the webinar series on the Safe Handling of Enzymes in the Bakery Sector:

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