This business session was held under the motto: "The Exciting World of Bread: bread consumption's essential role in a healthy and balanced diet for European consumers".  The aim of the session was to help members of Fedima to reach out to consumers in the context of a changing and demanding environment.

A big part of the session focused on the Bread Initiative of which Fedima is one of the constituting associations. The goal of this initiative is to improve the image of bread by emphasizing its health value and the European cultural heritage associated with this product.

Here you can find the programme of the event:

Anne Fremaux Director Bakery at GIRA presented the results of a study which analyses and quantifies the slow decline of bread consumption overall the EU.

Anne Heughan, nutritionist and former global external affairs director at Unilever, provided the overall policy environment on nutrition and public health which helped to understand why bread is a good source of nutrition and bakery goods are part of a balanced diet.

Flip van Straaten, Dutch Bread Council, presented the do’s and don’ts in establishing a consortium to works towards the common goal.

 Josephine Green, currently speaker and lecturer at “Beyond 20: 21st century stories”, spoke on the different understanding and behaviour in the 21st Century based on social and cultural innovation, collaboration, complexity and emergent futures.