On 13 April 2016 in Brussels, Fedima and AIBI co-organised a symposium with the aim to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information on bread promotion and new nutritional aspects of bread.

Highly qualified speaker presented the EU Agricultural Promotion Program to support bread consumption. The current situation on the nutritional side of bread was also explored including the gluten-free and wheat discussion and the state of play on the legislation on nutrient profiles.

Here you can find the programme of the event:

Part 1 – Bread Promotion Campaign

Ms S. Barbosa (President Fedima): Introductory Remarks

Mr. Emanuel Jankowski (Programme manager – EU policies, DG AGRI): New Promotion Policy for Agricultural Products; the Role of the EU

Ms. A. Fremaux (Director, Bakery – GIRA): Why Bread Promotion Matters: an overview of the bread market in Europe

Mr. F. van Straaten (Director – NBC, Dutch Bread Center): Promotion of bread: the Dutch-Belgian Submission

Part 2 – The Nutrition Side of Bread

Anne Heughan (Independent Public Health Nutritionist/United Kingdom): Introductory Remarks 

Dr. H. Zentgraf (GMF GmbH/Germany): The discussion around wheat and gluten-free – a scientific view 

Dr. L. Gilissen (Wageningen University): The nutritional challenges around bread: why bread remains a healthy part of daily diet