On 12 March 2014 Fedima and AIBI organized their first ever joint symposium in Brussels. The aim of this event was to provide member with the aim to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information on some key aspects of European legislative developments effecting the bakery sector. Particular focus this year was on enzymes and origin labelling.

Part 1 – The implementation of the Food Enzymes Regulation:

State of play on setting the positive list and further implications

Mr. Rafael Perez Berbejal (DG SANCO): A state of play by the European Commission

Mr. Marc Leclerc (Vice-Chairman AMFEP): The view of the enzymes manufacturers AMFEP

Prof. Dr. Justus Wesseler (Wageningen University): The economic implications benefits of the EU enzymes regulations

Mr. Craig Simpson (Steptoe LLP): The status of enzymes as ingredients

Part 2 – Country of Origin Labelling (COOL):

State of play and its impact on the supply chain

Mrs. Alexandra Nikolakopoulou (DG SANCO): A state of play by the European Commission

Mrs. Emilie Majster (PFP): The view of the Primary Food Processors

Maria Christodoulou (AGRA CEAS): Study on the application of rules on the mandatory indication of country of origin or place of provenance