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Fedima & AIBI are happy to invite you to the joint symposium on Bread Promotion Activities in Europe. A day dedicated to learn about the importance of bread, get inspired by campaigns, share best practices and more. The event brings together all partners in the bakery sector to discuss ways for the promotion of the bread category across Europe.


9:00 – 9:30                 Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:40 – 10:15               Keynote Speech

10:15 Part 1 – Perspectives on bread and its promotion opportunities

This session will give participants background information and introduce several perspectives on bread in the diet as well as the challenges linked to bread consumption. In addition, we want to talk about the specific EU policy for promotion of agricultural products and how this could benefit in particular the bread sector.

Concerns about bread and gluten in our daily diet: Separating facts from fiction - Prof. Dr. Fred Brouns, University of Maastricht

New Promotion Policy for Agricultural Products; the Role of the EU and CHAFEA - Elodie Clerc, Policy Officer Unit B1, DG Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI), European Commission

13.30 Part 2 – The different bread campaigns in Europe

Get inspired by other bread promotion activities across Europe! The aim of this session is to show participants what promotion possibilities are out there, even on a small scale. Projects and learnings from different countries and/or regions will be presented.

Bread & Health Institute Belgium – successful cooperation between science, government and dieticians - Kathou Wagemans – FGBB

Slovenia – Grain initiative - Jana Ramus – Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture

Successful funding of a Belgian/Netherlands Bread project: BreadForEurope - Zsuzsan Proos – NBC

Sweden – How to use bugs to sell bread - Martin Lundell – Association of Swedish bakers & confectioners

A bread book – An emotional way of bread promotion - Stefan Capelle & Martina Goernemann

Q&A - Jean Christophe Kremer – Fedima

15:30  Part 3 – Workshop: setting up your bread promotion campaign

We will organize breakout sessions to brainstorm about potential bread promotion campaigns. Participants will have an opportunity to sit together with potential partners in the bakery supply chain to exchange views and ideas for the launch of promotion activities.

18.00 – 19:00 – Networking Cocktail in the Martin’s Hotel