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Our mission is to contribute to a comprehensible and workable regulatory environment for bakery ingredients in order to secure a harmonised market and legal certainty.

To ensure that the users of FEDIMA member's products may develop a large variety of quality goods in complete confidence and safety with the necessary information, so that the ultimate consumer may be correctly informed, FEDIMA member associations have at their disposal:

  • the technical support necessary for the development of the bakery/pastry sector
  • the knowledge of the different raw materials, ingredients and processing aids,
  • the complete understanding of bread making, fine bakery wares, pastry and confectionery.
  • This know-how is based on the significant scientific and technical facilities available to FEDIMA through its members:
  • their 170 laboratories for research, development and quality control;
  • their 160 experimental bakeries;
  • and the 1.000 researchers and technicians;
  • their 100 centres for training and demonstration;
  • thousands of experienced salesmen and promoters many of whom are fully qualified bakers.