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Fedima was established on 20 May 1969 in Milan. The first statutes were adopted twelve years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome which established the European Economic Communities.

Fedima is the French acronym of Fédération des Industries de Matières Premières et Améliorants pour la Boulangerie et confisserie dans la CEE. Most of EU trade associations obtained a French name and acronym. The English name sounded as Federation of Raw Material and Improvers Industries for theBakery and Confectionery Trades in the EEC ; the German name Verband der Bäckereigrundstoff- und Backmittelhersteller in der E.W.G.

The earliest part of FEDIMA's existence was governed by the recipe-craze of the Seventies. European law would define Euro-bread, Euro-rolls, Euro-croissants up to the final, smallest ingredient and processing temperature.In those days of vertical "recipe" legislation, FEDIMA played an active role in the discussions concerning bakery products.

The historical changes of 1978, the Cassis-de-Dijon decision, and 1985/86, the Commission's White Paper and the Single European Act, imposed on all players, including FEDIMA, a shift away from vertical legislation, recipes, towards a horizontal approach: general rules for the whole of the industry, combined with the mutual recognition principle. With the move to the horizontal approach of the eighties, FEDIMA became inordinately influential in the area of food additives regulations.

FEDIMA published its E.U. Code of Good Hygiene Practice which was later followed by its Code of Good Behaviour on Claims. The latter has become obsolete following the EU Claims Regulation in 2006.

Another achievement of major importance for FEDIMA's member-companies was the result of lengthy negotiations with all other partners of the bakery chain. These resulted in a European-wide agreement on the frequency and planning of international exhibitions for the bakery sector.

Fedima changed its name in 1994 following the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht establishing the European Union into Federation of the intermediate products industries for the bakery and confectionery trades in the EEA.

FEDIMA has taken the lead in an area of great importance to all people actively involved in the production of the bakery chain. Launching an ambitious programme of broad scientific collaboration, the FEDIMA Workshop on Dust and Allergies, identified the issues and interests at stake. As a consequence FEDIMA formulated a collaborative study with AMFEP, the European Association of Enzyme Producers, with a view to identifying the best, most reliable, but also feasible methods of measurement for the dustiness of products used in the bakery chain. This led to the joint Amfep-Fedima publication in December 2003 of "Measuring levels of dust in baking ingredients using the Heubach method".

The ultimate change in the name was formulated in 2003. The reference to the European Union was settled well before it became formal.