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Fedima organises two large events:

  • a General Assembly which is only open for members and is organised every year.
  • a Symposium which is open for members and wider audience. The Symposium is organised every two years in Brussels.

The General Assembly has steadily grown towards a unique opportunity to meet colleagues within the sector. Fedima has invested more time and efforts in building an attractive business session on an actual topic. Past themes have been

  • environmental sustainability
  • bread promotion campaigns
  • innovation in traditional products

Invitation and programme are not published on the website. Please contact us if you would like to attend the next General Assembly!

The Symposium is currently organised every two years and is an excellent day conference to debate an actual theme linked to food law affecting the bakery ingredients sectors. Fedima organised a symposium on allergens and enzymes resp. in 1990 and 1995. More recently, in its move to increase visibility, Fedima decided to organise a symposium at a regular pace:

  • 2008: nutrition and health claims
  • 2010: managing food incidents in the bakery chain
  • 2012: agricultural ingredients in the bakery chain. The challanges of quality, availability and price volatility
  • 2014: upcoming legislatives challanges for the bakery. New legislation on Origin Labelling and Enzymes.

You will find in this chapter the programme of the last editions.